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NXT Takeover: Fatal Four Way - Charlotte proves that Natural Selection catches up with even the grittiest of superstars as she defeats the determined Bayley to retain her NXT Women’s Championship.

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Then. Now. Forever.

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War is coming. And soon only one of us will reign supreme and be the Queen of this kingdom.o

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We’re reinventing what it means to be from these countries. We’re not stereotypes. We’re not here to epitomize your preconceived notions about Canada or Ireland or Japan or England. We just happen to be from these places and we happen to be really good.

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Get to know: AJ Lee (insp.)

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You should show your friends how much you admire them and love them. So here.

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I loved you, you were my brother…”

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I see him backstage at WWE shows, and it’s the same Paul Heyman. That glow in his eyes is still there. It’s been there since he was a teenager from shooting pictures, and it’s still there in the WWE. He can’t wait to get out there, he has that passion.

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I warned you.

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